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Did you buy a DSLR camera thinking it would automatically make your pictures better, but somehow it didn’t?   A DSLR camera is a great thing but it isn’t a mind reader, there are a few tricks to getting it to do what you want.   When you bought a DSLR you paid for a lot of money for extra options so that you could control the camera and get awesome pictures, if you put it on auto mode basically you have turned your DSLR into a point and shoot camera and wasted hundreds of dollars.

Maximize the investment you made in your camera by taking one or all four of the A Mom + A Camera workshops offered.   You can choose an individual class or get some friends together and learn as a group.   Now is the perfect time to learn how to take better pictures, summer is almost here and you will have a lot of activities coming up that you will want to photograph.   With these classes you won’t be left wondering why your pictures were too dark, blurry, too light or why everybody has red eye.  By making a few adjusts on your camera before you press the button, you can get the picture the way you see it.

Classes can be scheduled Monday through Friday at your convenience.  Individual classes last approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours, group classes may last longer depending on the size and questions asked during the class.   Classes are $60/hour for an individual and $50/hour per person for a group lesson.  Saturday and Sunday classes are available at a higher rate based on availability.



Photo Classes Little Rock AR

Learn basic photography skills including shutter speed, aperture and ISO and how to adjust them to get the picture you want because let’s face it, kids aren’t always going to sit still, pose and wait for you to get your camera ready. This class will also help you with composition, looking at the available light, selecting the best location and background. You don’t want to place someone in front of a tree with what looks like horns or antlers coming out their head. A workshop booklet is included that covers topics we discuss.



Photo workshops

Learn what all those buttons and dials do on your camera and how to control your camera.   No more auto mode!   This class is designed for people with a basic understanding of photography or ones who have taken the Photography Basics class.   We will discuss the features of your camera and how to apply them to get the pictures you want.   Learn when and where it is best to use aperture priority mode, shutter priority mode or full manual mode.   We will discuss how lenses and different equipment can improve your pictures and how to get rid of red eye.



Photographers in Little Rock AR

After you learn how to take great pictures with your camera, you don’t want to just leave them on your camera.   This class will cover how to organize and label your pictures for printing and sharing.   Learn how to tweak your images for easy sharing and what you need to do to get the best print.



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Take all of the knowledge you have learned in the previous classes and let’s go shoot pictures together.   The best way to learn how to take better pictures is by actually doing it and seeing how the different adjustments and settings effect your pictures.   This class will do the most to improve your photographs.




Shanetta Clemmons - March 31, 2013 - 1:50 PM

Hello, this is Shanetta Clemmons and I just purchased my first DSLR camera and would like to take some classes with you please contact me with more information on what times you have open on Friday of this week. Thank You

Sonia Graham - March 24, 2013 - 8:06 PM

Hello, this is Sonia Graham, partner with Lori Brown at Raymond James. My 13 year old daughter, Sarah, and my husband, Roger, would like to take some photography classes. We bought her a new camera and they took the basic class from Bedford, but would like to take some additional classes from you. She does not get out of school until 3:30, are you available after that during the week? Thanks so much!

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